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The Russ Clodfelter Podcast

Choose To Serve The Lord

Let us daily choose to serve God and put Him first in all aspects of our lives. When things of this world start to overshadow the things of God, let us reaffirm our commitment to put away false idols and serve the living god.

Let The Church Out Of The Building

In this world dominated by fear and panic, it is time for the church to shine brighter than the darkness and bring the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost world.

False Gods

Anything that overshadows or interferes with our relationship with God, whether it is health, money, security, our families, or our material possessions, is a false god. It’s time to bring the church back to our first love and stop wavering between two opinions. The Lord is God; let us follow him.

Russ Clodfelter’s Message on Fals Gods

Anger And Peace

Do not let anger, hatred, malice, and unforgiveness have any place in your heart. These are the tools of Satan. Once the evil one puts them in your heart, they grow and grow until pride keeps us from reconciliation so that we have sinned twice.