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Russ is a great speaker and an even better person. He has a servant’s heart and has never let anything stop him from caring for others. It’s always a joy to have him come speak.

Gabe Barrett, Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church, Marietta, GA

Russ, I would like to thank you for all the help you give our church at Twin Harbor Worship Center.  We are so fortunate to have someone like you, helping teach our adult class at VBS and the backpack program you organized last summer was awesome.  You are an amazing Christian and I feel so blessed to have you as a friend.   Keep up the good work for you are truly a “Man of God” ❤️

Sandi Smith

Russ came to Guilford Technical Community College to pursue his GED certificate. He began classes in the Compensatory Education Program and quickly progressed. When I first met Russ he spoke to me about going into the ministry. Since then, I have heard him speak and have heard several of his messages. His passion for Christ and his ability to preach the Gospel surpasses most in seminary. His delivery of the Gospel is very clear and heartfelt. Russ does not sugar coat his messages. His messages are straight forward and leave you with a greater understanding. Thank you Russ for accepting God’s call in your life. Go forward and preach the Word of truth!

Karen D. Shaw, Previous CED Program Coordinator, Guilford Technical Community College, Highpoint, NC

It has been my pleasure to know Russ Clodfelter now for around 20 years. I first met Russ when he was in preschool at Davidson County Schools. His bright eyes and enthusiasm for learning impressed me even at such an early age. He was always willing to work on whatever was presented to him and was a true joy to serve for occupational therapy. As he grew older it was obvious he had so much he wanted to say and was extremely bright but it was not until he received his communication device that the true extent of his intelligence was realized. Once he mastered his device the true extent of the depth of his beautiful soul was able to come forth. He has amazed me through the years with his kindness and his work with his ministry. He is an amazing role model for children with disabilities as well as the rest of the community. Listening to his sermons and speeches is such an uplifting experience in that with all the difficulties he faces, he is so incredibly positive which is such an inspiration for anyone who listens. I could not be more proud of Russ and I am proud that I had a small part in him becoming a wonderful adult that he is today.

Lisa Sexton, OTA/L, Davidson County Schools

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