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Posts published in “Podcast”

The Russ Clodfelter Podcast

Where Is God?

Let us endeavor to put God in His rightful place as first in all we do. Let us listen for His still, small voice in all the decisions we make. Then, and only then, should we expect His blessings. Evaluate yourself; where is God’s place in your life?

Our Personal Witness

If the church would witness like we should, we would live in a much better place, and the message of Jesus would spread like a virus. And we know all too well how a virus can encompass the world. Are you spreading your message to others?

The Real Christmas Story

Russ preaches a special Christmas Eve message from the steps of Shady Grove Methodist Church in Winston-Salem. In this time when this world puts its faith in science, We can have faith and trust in the greatest gift ever given: Jesus Christ, the author of our salvation.